The SIWRA website is dedicated to the memory of one of the breed’s greatest friends and protectors

Mary Glenn Toundas (1953-2008)


Thank you for your interest in adopting a needy Irish Wolfhound.

Our Goal Is To Educate The Public About The Special Needs And Requirements Of The Breed. Hopefully this will reduce the number of Irish Wolfhounds that end up abused, neglected, dumped into shelters, or otherwise given up, by owners who simply did not know enough about the breed to realize that perhaps it simply wasn’t the right dog for their home and/or lifestyle.

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All adoptive homes are pre-screened and premise checked. We conduct a premise check and personal interview to be sure the applicant will provide a safe, loving and reliable home for the hound. We check to ensure that the home is properly fenced (which is an absolute requirement). We advise people to expect to be on the waiting list for at least a year, since we obviously have no idea how many rescues will come into our care during any given period.

How do we Place the Hounds?

Our hounds are not placed on a first come first served basis. Each hound is placed with the home that will best meet his or her needs. Assuming everything checked out well during the prescreening process, you could get a call about an available hound next week, month or next year. We do ask that if you change your mind later about adopting, or if you move, that you let us know so that we can keep our files as current as possible.

Each hound’s temperament is evaluated before placement. They are also health checked and neutered. No hounds are placed with temperament problems or serious, chronic illnesses. We are available to offer help and guidance with every placement, and require that a rescue hound be returned to SIWRA if for any reason the placement doesn’t work out or the adoptive owner can no longer keep it. We ask for an adoption donation to help defray costs.

If you feel you’d rather purchase an IW puppy, we strongly encourage you to contact the Irish Wolfhound Club of America to request the club’s breed information packet that will give you a good, basic overview of the breed and the various resources available to novice owners or those who are looking for their first puppy, or hoping to adopt a rescue hound.

A reputable breeder will want to get to know you, and know a great deal about you, before considering placing one of their precious puppies with you. Reputable breeders want to make sure that the puppy will be going to a loving, reliable and safe home and will be there for you throughout the lifetime of the hound, and will even take the hound back at any time during it’s lifetime, if for some reason you can’t keep it.

A reputable breeder has many years of experience with the breed, and performs the various health tests that are so crucial prior to breeding, to ensure a healthy, sound litter. They know the individual dogs behind their puppies going back several generations, and are able to tell you whether or not their line has experienced things like bone cancer, cardiomyopathy, bloat, OCD, etc. If a breeder cannot or will not discuss these things with you, our advice is always to simply walk away!

We hope that’s enough information to get you started. Wolfhounds are indeed a very compelling, special breed, with very unique needs and requirements, and the rewards of sharing one’s life with these Gentle Giants far outweigh the expense of ownership, the heartache of the shorter life span, etc. Good luck and let me know if we can be of any further help.